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melo·​ma·​ni·​ac | mel-ō-ˈmā-nē-ˌak
“One with an abnormal fondness of music or a person who loves music” – Wiktionary

Melomaniac is a livestream series created Java Festival Production to fulfil your longing for live music shows and to continuosuly support the live music industry.

Melomaniac 10th Episode: Soulnation Virtual Edition
Music is the one thing all of us have in common. Music can heal your soul and lift up your mood.

Melomaniac is a live virtual concert brought to you by Java Festival Production where each episodes will have different guest stars, concepts and songs that will entertain you and blow your mind.

Melomaniac 10 th Episode: Soulnation Virtual Edition will feature Fabiolous, Imela Kei, Simon Marantika with the home band EZ Collective: Elfa Zulham, Sri Hanuraga, Dhani Syah, Kevin Yosua, Reynold Banea, Ayoe, and Henry Gaspersz. As this is the last episode of Melomaniac in 2020 they will perform great cover songs that will make you sing along as you enjoy the show!

Imela Kei
Simon Marantika
Elfa Zulham
Sri Hanuraga
Dhani Syah
Kevin Yosua
Reynold Banea
Henry Gaspersz